Our Approach

At Osta Energy, we provide support to our clients through consulting and trading engagements. We design both our consulting and trading services to match the clients’ needs. We maintain a strict rule of signing a Confidentiality Agreement between Osta Energy and the client before proceeding with every consulting and trading project.

Our company is composed of a dedicated team of energy industry experts with a sharp focus to optimize the valuable fuels our clients produce, transport, market, and/or export. We offer them in-depth and real-world experience, practical knowledge, and industry resources that we gather from trading to maximize energy production and returns on capital investments.

We place the highest priority on preserving the health, well-being, and safety of our people, our clients, and the communities in which we operate.

Besides trading oil and gas, we work with clients on a range of issues including

Strategic Planning and Financial Forecasting

Osta Energy works with clients to create financial tools with sensitivity toggles to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of strategic alternatives. From our experience, we know that the ability to forecast the timing of liquidity needs gives clients more time to plan and execute capital-raising transactions because of the negative cash flow of the early years of their business.

Performance Improvement

Every company needs sustainable improvement to thrive in business. Our performance improvement experts provide consulting to the clients to increase efficiency and reduce cost based on their extensive experience in the energy industry.

Commodity Marketing & Commercial Optimization

Osta Energy has the expertise to help its clients by negotiating higher prices with more competitive terms and conditions. Our team also identifies where the farms could be losing revenue or missing opportunities and consult the clients accordingly.

Company Analysis, Policy Analysis & Partnership Strategies

OE integrates all the elements of competitive pricing, logistics, storage, and product optimization both in consultation and trading of gasoline.